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Metro Residential Appraisals is your partner - Providing Solutions to your Problem - "What is the subject property worth.  With an accurate Valuation of Residential Real Estate we solve these questions.

We Local Appraisers providing residential real estate valuations. Being local appraisers means having Geographical Competence - good knowledge and understanding of the neighborhood / market area where the property that is being appraised. Metro Residential Appraisals has its Corporate Office is located in Voorhees, NJ.  Our Appraisers do not conduct valuations on residential properties in areas we are not familiar with. It is a matter of credibility and integrity. We have a proven track record working with Legal Professionals, Accounting Professionals and homeowners providing high quality valuations credible reports within a professional manor.  We can service all of your residential real estate appraisal needs. Our experience shows in the quality and accuracy of our reports and unparalleled services.  Some of the valuation services we provide are listed below.  We encourage you to explore these areas for solutions for your needs.

Property Tax Appeals

New Jersey residents property valuations are assessed as of October 31 of the preceeding tax year.  New Jersey Tax cards will be sent on or before February 1, 2015 based on property values as of October 31, 2014.  During the 2015 Tax Appeal period.  Most homeowners do not understand the New Jersey Tax Assessments and how their property taxes are calculated.  A simple but honest mistake on the tax assessment card can cost homeowners huge amounts of money over time.  It is up to the property owner to challenge the property tax assessment - and do it successfully.  We take a phased approach. 

Many Municipalities in New Jersey have recently concluded revaluations of the property values within their districts.  During this process, the municipality hire outside firms to conduct the revaluation process and report the results to the local Tax Assessor. These valuation are done on a "Mass" level, most times the inspectors who visit your home are not Certified Appraisers.  It has been the experience of Metro Residential, we uncovered many mistakes which are made during this process which equates to a higher property assessment to your property. Common mistakes revealed are inaccuracy in the measurements, condition ratings and interior amenities. Many inspectors do not have the opportunity to enter homes they inspect, therefore the market value is "estimated" based on other "similar" homes in your neighborhood. The State of New Jersey takes the position they are correct in the current property assessment and it is up to the homeowner to prove the municipality the property does not have the proper level of assessment value placed on the property in question.  Our experience and expertise has ensured many of our clients ( Attorneys & Homeowners) are assessed at true market value. Read more about the Property Tax Appeals Process. 

The City of Philadelphia has revalued all of the parcels in the City. Most are over-valued well above current market value as of the official effective date. The staff Appraisers at Metro Residential are experts in residential properties in Philadelphia. New tax rates in Philadelphia are expected for the 2015 Tax Year. It is very important to understand which is the "effective date" for the governing law of taxation.

Estate Matters

For many years we have been engaged in assignment concerning Estate Inheritance tax matters.  Executors of an estate or recipients of real property could be subject to state and federal taxes.  For these concerns consult your tax advisor.  Tax advisors often call us for a prospective value which typically is the date of demise of the property owner. Other instances of Estate Tax valuations we have experienced is when a parent gives a vacation home to the children.  Often it is important to know what the market value was at the time of the transfer. More...

Divorce Matters

Metro Residential Appraisals have assisted leading prestigious Family Law Firms when it comes to Divorce proceedings in matters of Divorce Property Settlement regarding the marital home. Our Chief Appraiser has extensive understanding of divorce proceedings which sets us apart, knowing the importance of retaining a qualified Residential Appraisal Firm is paramount to Family Law Attorneys when representing their client’s interests. The appraiser selected for the valuation must also be an expert witness who understands the legal process and can prevail in both direct and cross examination. More Information...

Listing Appraisals  / Fair Market Value Valuations

Homeowners have a need for selling their property on their own ( For Sale By Owner) - establishing the proper offering price for their neighborhood. Many homeowners believe their home is sometimes worth more than what the true market value is. Realtors who are advocates and sales representatives for homeowners trying to sell their home are sometimes unsuccessful conveying or convincing the homeowner of the true value.  As a result, the listing stays on the market far too long. With that scenario comes other concerns. Homeowners often need a neutral third party for a fair objective market analysis. More Information...  

Our Chief Appraiser has extensive knowledge and experience with Investment Properties becoming an asset to local individual investors and investment groups who seek After Repair Valuations (AVR).  One of the biggest mistakes investors make is over improving their rental properties diminishing the rate of return.  Prospective valuations gives Investors the insight of what similar renovated properties in the market are selling for and generating in monthly rent.  Investing too much money during a renovation is a sure fired way to decrease profits on a sale or reduce monthly net profits.  Investors who have the foresight on what the market will bear gives them an advantage to maximize profitability.  More

Over the years, our appraisal professionals have earned a solid reputation by exceeding industry standards for personalized service, meticulous attention to detail and timely reporting. We offer every client fast, accurate and professional results.

Explore Our Appraisal Services  and discover how our solutions from Metro Residential Appraisals can help.