David Kaytes, State Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser in New Jersey & Pennsylvania

Mr. Kaytes has been providing real estate valuation services in the state of New Jersey since 2002 throughout New Jersey and expanding into the Philadelphia Pennsylvania area in 2004. Mr. Kaytes is a licensed State Certified Real Estate Appraiser in Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Primarily in the early years of Real Estate Valuations has been primarily in the mortgage lending purposes. In 2006 Mr. Kaytes established Metro Residential Appraisals, Inc. with the opening of the New Jersey corporate office and the explosive growth opening a satellite office in Philadelphia, PA.

Mr. Kaytes has expanded his property valuation skill set providing valuations for prestigious Law Firms throughout the Delaware Valley. These firms have engaged the acute services of Mr. Kaytes for litigation support in matters of Bankruptcy proceedings – real property valuations, Matrimonial dissolution (divorce proceedings), Estate planning and asset division (Date of Death valuations) and in recent years Property Taxation Appeal purposes. Litigation support for E&O Insurance companies involving Appraiser Liability case matters as an expert witness with forensic retrospective valuations. Mr. Kaytes is also a member of a co-operative group of seasoned appraisers in New Jersey who are well versed in commercial properties and complex municipal assignments.

In addition, Mr. Kaytes is currently seeking certification from the State of New Jersey as a Certified Tax Assessor, which is subject to stringent testing and qualifications. The training and studies in this arena has provided Mr. Kaytes with the knowledge and expertise as an expert witness for homeowners in New Jersey who are wanting to ensure their property tax assessments are fair and equitable.